Cost Effective
The Open Media Project offers similar features as for-profit solutions at a fraction of the cost.
Streamlined Workflow
Connect searchable agendas to archived video pages from any standard calendar format.
Community Engagement
Intuitive interface, searchable sessions and simple sharing tools empower your community.
Blog / News

OMF announces exciting new partnership with SIPA

Gavin Dahl talked up the OMP with School Board members and superintendents at the Colorado Association of School Boards conference, along with SIPA's Beth Justice and Gabby Mor. Click to learn more about the Statewide Internet Portal Authority and the upcoming SIPA User Conference on March 29th in Denver.

City of Littleton launches 'New Look' OMP

Littleton says their OMP "features an easy-to-find live meeting button at the top of the page when meetings are in session, plus links to agendas, journals, and packets. The old system worked, but the video window was small and the web page navigation was clunky." They prefer partnering with a cost-effective nonprofit.

Pitkin is first county to deploy Open Media Project

Pitkin County, headquartered in Aspen, is the first county in Colorado to launch the Open Media Project for Government. Commissioners' meetings are now streaming live on YouTube with user-friendly indexed archives. OMF is pleased to have another opportunity to collaborate with Grassroots TV, just like in Basalt.