Cost Effective
The Open Media Project offers similar features as for-profit solutions at a fraction of the cost.
Streamlined Workflow
Connect searchable agendas to archived video pages from any standard calendar format.
Community Engagement
Intuitive interface, searchable sessions and simple sharing tools empower your community.
Blog / News

Talking up OMP for Gov at NAB Conference in Vegas

Gavin Dahl promoted the OMP for Gov at the annual National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, attended by 100,000 people. Big thanks to Tightrope Media Systems for throwing a great party for our government access TV friends!

Connecting with Colorado Cities & Towns at CML

At the 92nd annual Colorado Municipal League conference in Breckenridge, Gavin Dahl and Tony Shawcross talked with leaders from dozens of local governments about Open Media Foundation's affordable software solution for public meeting videos.

City of Thornton launches Open Media Project service

Wanting to deliver livestreaming and archived City Council meeting videos, with time-stamped agendas and easy sharing tools, City of Thornton communications manager Todd Barnes says, "Open Media is saving us a lot of money."