The Open Media Project -for Government is an open-source, SaaS solution for state & local governments, increasing transparency and accessibility through affordable, searchable, video archives.


  • Video On Demand with interactive agendas & bill indexing; skip right to the bill or issue you want to see
  • public agendas, calendars & search capabilities
  • live stream integration with easy timestamp and clickable agenda creation
  • auto-upload to your local Gov. website, and YouTube

Clickable Agendas

  • automatically parse state/legislative PDF files for bills
  • online interface to quickly record timestamps/cue-points/chapter-markers
  • ability to connect standard agenda formats to video
  • video/agendas searchable by bills
  • videos and agenda stored to

Automated Video Storage & Encoding via

  • tight integration with for video storage and encoding
  • on-demand library of videos on your website, bandwidth and storage provided by
  • automatic encoding of web formats and industry standard MPEG2 broadcast files

Live-streaming via YouTube Nonprofit/Government Program

  • clickable agenda integration with Livestream & YouTube-Live
  • automated encoding & archiving at



PDF version